GableGotwals Insurance Law Practice

GableGotwals has long offered a broad range of services to insurance companies. Our attorneys have significant experience in defending direct actions by insureds alleging failure to pay policy benefits, “bad faith” and other claims arising from many types of insurance policies or relationships, such as life, health, disability, and commercial insurance.

Our attorneys also represent insurance companies in policy coverage disputes and declaratory judgment actions concerning the rights and obligations of insurers under policies and agreements.

GableGotwals has expertise in representing insurers and health maintenance organizations in matters relating to benefits under health and medical policies, plans and agreements, including claims for benefits, as well as those alleging negligence, malpractice or vicarious liability arising from the performance of medical services by medical providers under such plans, policies or agreements.

Our attorneys have significant experience in handling disputes arising out of insurance policies, plans and relationships governed by ERISA and other federal laws, and are well versed in the preemptive force and other unique characteristics of these laws.

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  1. I really loved reading your blog. if you have any confusion about medical claim then is best for it

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